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Novel technologies improving PEM fuel cell performance


Momentum Materials has developed a novel nanoporous carbon scaffold (NCS). Various independent lab tests have validated increased performance, improved durability, and lowered comprehensive costs for these next generation, order-structured membrane electrode assemblies with this technology when compared to those constructed with catalyst coated membrane technology.

High Temperature Resistance
Aggressive Solvents Tolerance

Nanoporous Carbon Scaffold

Fully tunable pore sizes and membrane thickness
Great electrical conductivity (2-10 S/cm) and ultra-low tortuosity (<1.5)
  • Content: 91-95% C, 4-8% O, 1% H. The carbon content can be tuned to 99% if required. ~50% of the surface carbon atom is connected to hydroxyl, with -OH group density of ~0.00001/m2.
  • Three dimensional, interconnected porous structure, with ultra-low tortuosity, facilitating ion or gas diffusion.
  • Pore size ranges from 10 nm to 100 nm, and specific surface area ranges from 250 m2/g to 650 m2/g.
  • Able to functionize with various groups, to load catalysts and make composites.


PEM Fuel Cells

Membrane Electrode Assemblies

Catalyst Substrates


Chengying (Arlene) Ai, M.Sc.


Viola Birss, Ph.D.


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