Momentum Materials Solutions

Mesophase Pitch

Naphthalene based mesophase pitch

    Product code: MMS-MP-0110

Physical and Chemical Specifications: 
Softening point: ≤258±2℃
Ash content: < 150ppm
Coking value (measured as per ASTM D4715-98(2017), GB/T8727-2008): ≥90%
Content of matters insoluble in toluene: 65±3%
Content of matters insoluble in quinoline: 42±3%
Mesophase content: 100%
Applications: Mesophase Pitch based carbon/graphite fiber, high-performance carbon/carbon composites, high-performance carbon foam, high specific surface area activated carbon, lithium battery cathode material, advanced needle coke, widely used in national defense and military applications such as aviation and aerospace.