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Naphthalene-based &
Mesophase Pitch Products

    Product codes: MMS-MP-0110 to 0112

Naphthalene-based Mesophase Pitch, MMS-MP-0110
Softening point (Mettler method): 290 – 310℃
Ash content: 300ppm
Coking value (ASTM D4715-98(2017), GB/T8727-2008): 85-95%
Toluene insoluble: 55-65%
Quinoline insoluble: 36-46%
Volatile content: 18-24%
Mesophase content: ≥95%
Naphthalene-based Mesophase Pitch Applications: Mesophase Pitch based carbon/graphite fiber, high-performance carbon/carbon composites, high-performance carbon foam, high specific surface area activated carbon, lithium battery cathode material, and advanced needle coke. Widely used in national defense and military applications such as aviation and aerospace. 
Petroleum-based Mesophase Pitch >85%, MMS-MP-0111
Softening point (Mettler method): 164℃
Ash content: 0.018%
Coking value: 80.36%
Toluene insoluble: 62.2%
Quinoline insoluble: 53.39%
Volatile content: 32.67%
Mesophase content: >85%
Petroleum-based Mesophase Pitch 30%, MMS-MP-0112
Softening point (Mettler method): 140℃
Ash content: 0.037%
Coking value: 69.15%
Toluene insoluble: 43.21%
Quinoline insoluble: 7.04%
Volatile content: 44.29%
Mesophase content: 30%
Petroleum-based Mesophase Pitch Applications: Carbon/graphite fiber, carbon/carbon composite binders, carbon foam, lithium battery cathode material, and impregnation.