Less Complexity
More Durability

Lower Cost
Higher Performance

Available Now
Nanoporous Carbon Power (NCP)

Under Development
Nanoporous Carbon Scaffold (NCS)

Nanoporous Carbon Powder (NCP)

As a catalyst support for the catalyst layer in the membrane electrode assembly

Currently, small batch supplies of NCP and Pt/NCP available (hundreds of grams)

Pt/C Catalyst Support

Nanoporous Carbon Scaffold (NCS)

Undergoing Commercial Scale-up in 2022

Third-party Validation to Date:

  • 10% Higher Performance 
  • 2 Times Higher Durability
  • 50% Lower Operating Cost 
Validation based on testing against standard commercial carbon powder MEA. Testing results from Stanford University and Nanjing Momentum Materials Technologies Ltd. Co. 

Features of Nanoporous Carbon Products

High conductivity (0.5 S/cm)

High porosity and low tortuosity

Controllable pore size (0.01 to 1 µm)

Surface tunable from hydrophilic to hydrophobic

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